What is niche? And How to Find A Niche?

What is Niche?

Niche selection is quite an important first step when starting an online business. A niche is nothing more than a special or targeted area in a large market (main market). It can be something that you could do what you wanted to do, and you do it comfortably, you do it happily.

Niche can be something that already exist, or something that you created. Niche can be something that could help people to be better, that could help people to solve something.

To choose a niche, you can find the solution, gather the information, and telling people about it, helping them on their problem. A niche can also be something you good at, you know about the solution, and you letting other people know about it, and helping them. Finding a niche is all about doing what you love, and you help other peoples and improve their life along the way.


“Traveling” or “Make Money Online” is not a niche, it’s a broad, general terms. For the main market “Travel”, one of its niche can be “Traveling with children”. And for the main market “Make Money Online”, it can be the niche of “Making Money Online with eBooks”.

A niche is a more precisely defined, targeted group/topic, and it’ll perform better when promoting a related product. The smaller and closer the niche is, the better the advertising perform.

For example, the term “make money” is a very general niche/topic, and there are many many ways to make money online. But when you find a niche of “making money with eBooks”, you can have a more focus and targeted group. Or the niche “muscle building” is broad as compared to “muscle building through a vegan diet”.


Additionally, visitors to a niche site will be a pre-qualified visitors. What does that mean?

Let’s say we are targeting the niche “make money online with affiliate marketing”, and someone search the terms on Google and found your site. Since he is looking for the exact terms based on our theme, then he would be more interested in what you say and what you are promoting.

If we instead had the theme “Making Money Online”, then we would have to convince the visitors about “make money online with affiliate marketing”. And that may be harder to make a sale and affect the performance of your site.

Having a niche site, we can offer high-priced products.

Here are a few examples of niches.

Main Market Niche
Travel Luxury cruises in the Caribbean
Computer Windows Installations / Programs
Weight Lose Lose weight with soups
Pets Dog Potty Training
Personality Development Develop more self-discipline

Of course, the niche must not be too narrow and not too broad. The number of searches for the keyword should be about 6,000 per month.


How to Find a Niche?

Is it difficult to find niche? No, actually…

As long as you remember, don’t make yourself thinking so hard on how to make money online, and ignoring one very important rule of business: Do what you love! If you aren’t having fun every day. What’s the point? Starting an online business, is a continuous learning process.

Let’s say, you like reading, you love to read (by the way, that’s what I love) So, in the area of ‘Reading’, how do you thing you can help people in this area, that’s a niche..

May be, you are a speed reader, you know how to finish a book within 3 days or sooner. You can create an eBook on that niche, or a guide to help people to read faster. Or you can promote a training program that teaches people how to speed read.

Or you know there are books that you think people should to read, you think that people will be better after reading it. You can come out a list of books, telling people what it is about, showing people how the books could help them…

But what if you are not a speed reader, or you not sure what books out there which could help people. And you know that there are people out there searching for the solution, searching for the information. You can spend some time research, gather the information, learn about it, and share the information to help them solve their problem, help them to be better. And, you will be better in the process…


So now, do a brain storming, find a niche and make a list of some niches, think of what you can help people, what you can offer to people, or think of what is people looking for, what kind of solution are they searching for…

Think of something that you like to do, think of stuffs that move you…
Don’t just settle on one niche, though. Try to come up with a list of about 5 niche that might be workable.


Click on the link below to learn more how to find a niche, and how you should approach your niche selection.

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