What is niche? And How to Find A Niche?

A niche is nothing more than a special or targeted area in a large market (main market). It can be something that you could do what you wanted to do, and you do it comfortably, you do it happily…

Niche can be something that already exist, or something that you created. Niche can be something that could help people to be better, that could help people to solve something.

So, you find the solution, gather the information, and telling people about it, helping them on their problem… Or, you are good in something, you know the solution, and you letting other people know about it, and helping them… It is all about how you help other peoples and improve their life…

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Affiliate Marketing – Making Money as an Affiliate

I’ve been using Affiliate Marketing for a while now and have learned a lot during this time. However, I am not an absolute affiliate marketing ‘guru’ and therefore will certainly not be able to solve all the problems and also not have the all the answers for every possible questions.

I will share my knowledge with you and it will do my best to help you to make money online with affiliate marketing. One never learn if not taking any actions!


Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

For all those who have not yet worked with affiliate marketing, I would like to explain the concept behind it first.

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