About Me

Hi, how you doing?
Nice to meet you…

I like to introduce myself a little bit here. I am Wong Hon Wai, firstname HonWai, lastname Wong. I’m Chinese, and I’m from Malaysia.

Before I’m working online full time, I was a Process Engineer, working in a bio-diesel manufacturing plant. I’ve have been there for 4 years, handling quite well, and there’s also challenges. I thought that’s the path I’m going to be. I led a team, run the process, making sure it runs smoothly. At the same time, we also improving the process, study and get to know more how to make it better. Scheduling for routine maintenance, to prevent any down time.

So, how do I get here?

Tragedy happened 3 years ago. I realized that I’ve spent so much time at work rather than being at home. Though it’s in the past, but I always thought about the things that I’ve could have done if I’m spending the time at home. I thought, may be, things would be different if I’m not spending too much at work.

So, to live the life of no regrets, I figured I have to make some changes here…

I went to seminars, I read books, to learn and to figure out what I can do, what I have to do, what I Want for my life. To have more time with family, I need to search for other income source to replace the job as Process Engineer.

I got to know about Stock Investment, Properties Investment, Contract For Difference (CFD) Trading. And in one of the seminars, I learned about Internet Marketing. I spent some time to learn about all those methods, and by the end of the day, I chose Internet Marketing as my ‘day job’, and Stock Investment to save portion of my income.

I work in Internet Marketing as part time for a year, and then I quit my Process Engineer Job and focus on Internet Marketing.

I’m working in Internet Marketing more than a year now. I have more time with my family, and I can be there with them, be there for them anytime. I also spent more time reading and working out. I read books about self-help, self improvement, health, financial, etc.

I like to think of myself as List Engineer. I’m always learning more about List Building, building relationship with my list, improving my strategy in building my list, and sharing the strategy.

Walking the journey to Health

  • Exercise (aerobically) more
  • Eat more Raw Food
  • Read books, learn more about health, wellness, and living…

Walking the journey to Wealth

  • Work in Internet Marketing to make it as an income
  • Learn Investing to make it as a savings for future
  • Read books, learn more about financial, marketing, and living…

Here’s my story 🙂
How about yours?

You can always contact me on:
Email: honwai@bloatingbank.com